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Who are the Northeast Huskies? 

The Northeast Youth Hockey Association (NEYHA) is a non-profit association affiliated with the Connecticut Hockey Conference, Inc. (CHC) and abides by all rules and regulations of CHC and of USA Hockey, Inc.

Our History

In anticipation of the 2007-2008 season, the Columbia Youth Hockey Association and the CT Cyclones, each of whom were skating at UCONN, merged and created the Northeast Youth Hockey Association Ice Dogs. The Columbia Youth Hockey Association had deep roots in the state’s youth hockey landscape, having been founded in the mid-1960’s by local sports legend Jerry Dunnack. The CYHA first began play outdoors at Jerry Dunnack’s backyard pond (“Jerry’s Pond”) and then later shifted to playing at UConn prior to the construction of the Frietas Ice Forum. Many of you will recognize Jerry Dunnack’s name as our annual TYKES tournament is named after him. Also, his son, Scott, has been one of the bedrock members of our organization from the beginning, coaching at the higher-age levels and the beginning stages alike. 

The CT Cyclones, conversely, was a new program that was founded in the mid-1990’s. The Cyclones organized themselves as a non-competitive, “House” program. There were, of course, the inevitable ice time and scheduling conflicts with two organizations attempting to share the same ice and, so, a decision was made to merge the two organizations. And so was born the NEYHA Ice Dogs!

In 2016, the NEYHA entered into a 3 year licensing agreement with the UConn licensing and branding office.  This allows the NEYHA to take on the Northeast Huskies name and specially made logo for our youth hockey organization.  What an exciting time to be part of the Northeast Huskies.


Our Mission

NEYHA's mission is to provide a well-organized and -supervised youth ice hockey program, which offers opportunities to participate to children of all levels of skill and proficiency, regardless of race, creed or color, utilizing many of the following ideals:

1. To provide participants with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of ice hockey through organized competition.

2. To teach sportsmanship and the importance of teamwork and team camaraderie.

3. To promote the development of individual character and team pride through hard work, personal accomplishment, and achievement.

4. To foster teamwork, good sportsmanship, exemplary individual conduct, and fair play among all participants, coaches, and spectators.

5. To provide a positive, fun hockey experience for all children by letting families have a voice in the Association.

6. To provide an opportunity for children to play either competitive or recreational hockey based upon their desire and that of their families.

7. To compete at a high level and learn the value of what it means to be on a team: it's a life skill.