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2022/23 Rules and Guidelines for Youth Hockey


General Rules

-The Scorer's Box is limited to one clock operator and two penalty box attendants.  Food or drinks are prohibited from the penalty box area. The sound system is available for use during games. An adult must be the operator of music and the scoreboard. (Music can be operated by a phone, MP3 or tablet.)


- Please do not descend the stairs near the Zamboni room. Parents must walk around and through the lobby in order to get to the locker rooms. If players need parental help, we request that they exit the ice near the soda machines. Send sick or injured players off the ice in the west end by the soda machines.


-Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. They should not be allowed to roam freely especially outside in light of the construction going on outside the rink. i.e. If the parent is in the rink, then so should their children, if the parent is in the locker room then the accompanied children would be with them or sitting quietly in the lobby.


-Coaches must stop all activity on the ice at the scheduled time, not just when the doors open. If a group is on until 6:15, all activity stops and cleanup begins when the clock on the wall turns from 6:13-6:14 with the players heading off the ice by 6:15. The clock in the northeast corner of the arena is the official Ice-Clock.


-No player will be allowed on the ice without the supervision of a coach. Players waiting to get on the ice must be supervised by a coach, or they will be told to return to the locker room. A helmet must be worn at all times while a player is still on the ice, even if play has stopped.


-Outside food and beverages are prohibited from all UConn athletic facilities due to an agreement with the foodservice provider and University liability regulation. Walking in the rink with a coffee will be allowed. Setting up a meal at a table is not allowed. It is best not to force us to make a decision on this rule. Student workers will error on the side of telling you to take the food outside.


Locker Rooms

-Please limit the locker room and hallways to players, coaches and as few family members as possible. If players do not require assistance, then parents and families should leave the area and return to the lobby. UConn Coaches and their assistants work unusual hours in their offices. Youth hockey rentals cannot interfere with their process. Please assume that someone is on the phone in an office at all times while you are present in the facility.


-Locker rooms are available in exchange for car keys. Please instruct players not to test doors in order to find an available room. If the name of their team is not circled on the whiteboard in the lobby, then the room is locked, and they should not enter the hallway until an adult gets a key. A coach or manager must be present at all times in the locker room or hallway area. Please discourage players from dressing in the lobby and encourage them to do any changing of underclothes in the main bathrooms in the lobby. Floor hockey is not allowed in these locker rooms. Rooms must be clean before keys can be returned.



We apologize if these regulations create an inconvenience or seem excessive. Due to the growth of the UConn Varsity Hockey programs, our facilities have become congested and extremely busy. These rules are intended to keep our arena clean and safe, and to protect the privacy of the coach's offices and locker rooms. The mission of the UConn Athletics staff is to cater to the needs of UConn Athletes. Any activities that conflict with this mission will no longer be allowed in any UConn Facilities.