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Change Team: 
Game Plan
by posted 10/08/2022

For games, please plan to have you player at the rink about 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. If a player is running really late or won’t be at a game please let one of the coaches know.

In terms of goaltending, at the Mite level, we want every player to experience both skating out and playing goal. As such, we would like to have each player spend some time in net. Here is a list of our weekly goalie assignments. For each week, the assigned player will practice as a goalie on Thursday and play one or both games over the weekend. If a player can’t participate in their assigned week we can make accommodations to swap weeks or they can have their turn after we make it through the rotation. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 
Week 1 – 10/1-10/2 Olivia
Week 2 – 10/8-10/9 Kayleigh
Week 3 – 10/15-10/16 Dax
Week 4 – 10/22- 10/23 Emmy
Week 5 – 10/29-10/30 Matt Bria
Week 6 – 11/5-11/6 Eli
Week 7 – 11/12-11/13 Solomon
Week 8 – 11/19-11/20 Jack
Week 9 – 11/25-11/27 Seamus
Week 10 – 12/3-12/4 Coletyn
Week 11 – 12/10-12/11 Bria Matt
Week 12 – 12/17-12/18 Sebastian
We will plan to use the GroupMe app to communicate most information moving forward. If anyone needs help getting on feel free to text, call, and talk to one of the coaches in-person.


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Eric Ponticelli 
Mite Coordinator 
Robert Huggins 
Erika Viara 
Asst Coach 
Seth Bernier 
Eric Ponticelli 
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